Finding the right audience for your next digital marketing website campaign

Running a successful digital marketing campaign requires exhaustive planning & the success of any campaign largely depends on all components being properly designed as also falling into the right place. For example, if you have curated the best offer graphics which is sure to catch the consumer's attention, but you if are unable to reach the right set of target audiences, you will not achieve the desired results leading to the entire campaign to be conducted again.

Creating a target audience is not only essential but a great way of knowing where to focus your sales & marketing efforts. It helps you to understand your target customers, their behavior & response patterns such as:

  • Where they hang out the most?
  • How they communicate?
  • What are their demographic details (information such as age bracket, expertise, location, education, job title, hobbies & so on?
  • What are their psychographic information like behavior patterns, attitudes, purchase patterns, lifestyle preferences, psychological preferences & so on?
  • How you can promote your product or service to address their (customer issues) problems?
  • We have tried to cover all the points as also made an effort to find out how to identify target audiences for a highly successful Digital Marketing Campaign in this article…

Understanding The Company Dynamics & Campaign Requirements - Your company's end goal should be systematic, visually appealing product and services brochure, a resource which helps the customers make an informed decision about purchasing or availing your services and help them understand who you are and what you do which is specifically where most companies limit their website’s potential, don't target only on having a functioning and nice-looking website. One of the most important factors to ensure your audience has positive considerations for your services is to make sure you do not develop a new website or even re-launch an existing website without a deep understanding of this website’s purpose/objective & target audience for your business goal/s.

  • Which audience is critical to achieving the website
  • How can you further segment your potential target audience?
  • Segment by psychographics?
  • Segment by demographics?
  • Segment by average annual revenue?
  • Segment by location?
  • Segment by industry?
  • Segment by an individual’s role in the organization?
  • Are there any audiences who are unlikely to ever visit your website?
  • Are certain demographics or characteristics of these audiences more important than others?
  • What can this set of audiences do to meet your website’s objective?
  • What audiences do other stakeholders identify as important?

Locating the Right Audience - At this point, all you have to do is to ask questions to create an audience set, such as:

CTA (call-to-action) for Target Audiences - For B2B companies, who do not sell their products & services online, try to find out what your target audiences do (something) that aligns with your goal & their needs, such as:

  • Get a quote on a product or service they probably need?

  • A free consultation service for an ongoing project or problem?

  • Download content that helps them solve common customer problems?

  • Think & answer such questions to help you identify which ‘call-to-action’ is right to meet your website’s goal/s & engage your website’s target audience, • What action(s) would directly provide the results or support our business goals?

  • Register for an event?
  • Fill out a form?
  • Download content?
  • Call?
  • Navigate to a particular page?
  • Share something online?
  • How many clicks will it take for them to see the CTA?
  • How will they navigate to this action? (Tip: Try to put a relevant CTA on all pages on your site) You have to choose the primary target audience through prioritization (one above any others):
  • How would you prioritize these audiences & segments?
  • Which audience is the most effective for achieving your website’s goal?
  • Which other competitors can attract this audience away from your site?
  • How much competition is there in your selected audience?
  • What are the chances that this audience would visit your website? After assessment, identify & select your website’s target audience that will help you meet your company’s business goals…

Mapping Content of Your Target Audience’s Problems & Questions - One way to beat competition is to ensure availability of easy to find quality content on your website which leads to a CTA directly linked to your website’s goal. Analyze the target audience’s needs & requirements as that is exactly ‘what they are thinking about’ while visiting your website! Enclosed herewith are examples of questions to brainstorm your content strategy:

  • What is our target audience looking for online?
  • What our company offers better than competitors/peers?
  • What content can we create which answer those questions & solves those problems?
  • What questions would target audiences have before they could complete the CTA?
  • Which of our offered advantages does the audience really care about?
  • What content will most influence the audience to take action?
  • What problems do they have which we could solve?

Designing & competing for internal agendas drive content & website development resulting in a website for everyone, which finally becomes a website specifically built for no one. Once you strategically align your website’s goals with requirements of your target audience’s using these steps, your website will definitely attract audiences as well as achieve the desired results for your company.

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