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Understanding the journey of a customer is important when you want influence their decisions. Customers behave differently when they are online. Engaging the customers on the internet will therefore require a unique approach. A master certification in digital marketing can equip a person with the skills that are necessary to engage customers. Digital marketing is being used by a large number of companies to build brand awareness as it is cost effective and gives a good ROI.

Course Curriculum

What is Marketing?
What is the Internet?
What is Digital Marketing?
Internet Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
Basics of Search Engine
Fundamentals of Google Algorithm
Google vs other Search Engines
Technologies used in DM
Importance of Website Traffic
Structure of Online Marketing
Process of Digital Marketing
Scope of Digital Marketing
Tips & Tricks of Digital Marketing

Choosing the right hosting
Introduction to WordPress
How To Install WordPress?
Finding a right domain name
Choosing a free/premium template
Know your WordPress dashboard
Adding a sitemap, widgets, and themes
Create Posts and Pages
WordPress categories and tags
Creating multiple pages

Introduction to social media marketing
How to use Facebook for lead generation?
Ways to use Can we use Facebook for branding?
How to target the right audience?
How to increase the likes of the Facebook business pages?
How to create Facebook Ads?
Facebook Ads Automation
How to generate leads through Facebook Marketing?
How to add conversion tracking pixel code?
Make regular reports keeping a check on the insights

An introduction to Linkedin marketing
How does Linkedin work?
When to use Linkedin as a way to market/drive leads?
How to generate B2B leads?
Create different types of Linkedin sponsored Ads
Selection of the Best Ads for promotion
Keeping a track of Linkedin sales
How to target the precise audience?
Usage of relevant keywords in the bio and description of the page
Adding links for better leads

What is Twitter?
What is Twitter Marketing?
How to create Twitter Ads?
Ways to Increase website visitors through Twitter Ads
Increase followers with the help of Twitter Ads
How to process with App installation with the help of Twitter Ads?
How to Tweet in the most effective manner?
Twitter embedded/block/ widgets
Usage of effective hashtags
Campaign planning and ideations

Instagram Marketing
What is Instagram?
A basic introduction to Instagram Marketing
How to create Instagram ads?
Creating remarkable content for Instagram Ads
Analyze and run your Ads
Use Instagram Marketing for influencing
Generate leads through Instagram Marketing
Drive traffic to your website with Instagram Ads
Get in touch with influencers for better reach and engagement
Tips and Tricks to tackle the account/business page

YouTube Marketing
Basics of video optimization
Organic traffic on YouTube
Analysing Annotations
Impact of social media on YouTube video ranking
Audience Retention
How to rank a video in 24hr on YouTube?
How to get more subscribers on YouTube?
Monetize through Google Ads
Keywords in filenames/comments
In-video programming
Cards demonstration
YouTube’s creation tools

What is Email Marketing?
Types of Email Marketing
How to send bulk email with your own mail server?
How to collect data for Email Marketing?
How to analyze Bounce rate and Open rate?
Collection of leads from Email Marketing
How to create a newsletter for Email Marketing?
Ways to set up templates and newsletters?
How Can we use Mailchimp for Email Marketing?
How to generate leads through Email Marketing?

Difference between word of mouth and influencer marketing
Best practices of influencer marketing
Influencer marketing platforms
Strategies for influencer marketing
Appropriate key performance indicator

What is Google?
What is Google Adsense?
Difference between Google Adwords vs Google Analytics
Easy steps to follow for Google Adsense
Difference between Google Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing?
Plugin for AdSense integration
Adsense Reports Study
Different types of Ad unit
Which size for Adsense is the most effective?
Case Studies to work for Google Adsense

What is SEO?
What is a Search Engine?
Types of Search Engine
How Search Engine works?
On-page vs off-page SEO
Optimization (Domain, Meta tags, Content, Image)
Latent indexing
HTML and XML sitemap
Link building (Linking and backlinking)
Black hat, white hat, and grey hat SEO
Domain authority vs Domain rating
200 Ranking Factors for SEO
Generating an SEO report

Search AdsWhat is Google Adwords?
Campaign ideations
Differentiating between Ads and Keywords
What are Bing Ads?
Introduction to PPC
Selection of relevant keywords
Options for advanced locations
Bid stimulator
How to control fraud click on your Ads
Creation of Search Ads
Differentiating dynamic search Ads and dynamic keyword insertion?
The process of marketing

Display Ads What is Display Marketing?
Learn to create remarkable Ads
How to lower CPC?
How to create Banner ads?
An intensive and interactive course of Display Advertising
Selection of Affinity and In-Market Audience
Strong and effective Content
Case studies covering practical, real-world scenarios
Generation of leads with banner creation
Tips & Tricks provided to groom you thoroughly

Video AdsWhat is Video Marketing?
Basic concepts of video marketing
Promotion of videos through Google Adwords
How to Create in-stream Ads?
True View Ads vs Stream Ads
How to increase views on your videos?
Creation of sequence and bumper Ads
Optimize your videos

What is Google Analytics?
Adsense and page analytics
Usage of Google analytics
How to add a website in Google analytics?
How to check user behavior from Google analytics?
Ways to check user background, coming from Organic, Social or direct?
Difference between Session vs Page view
Multi-Channel Funnels
Demographics and Interests Report
Tips & Tricks to master yourself in this particular field

What is Online Reputation Management?
Know-how to use ORM tools
Neutralise the reviews in a polite manner
Improving the reputation
Hiding of the negative reviews
Creation of ORM strategies
Increasing the star rating
Flagging inappropriate reviews
Analysing Real-Time case studies
Get more customers

Health and Safety Hazards
Accident prevention at workplace
Personal Hygiene
Electrical Equipment Hazards

Team building
Team performance
Feedbacks for team

Course Highlights

  • Course Duration : 500 hrs
  • 100 hrs of Assignment & Projects
  • 100+ Case Studies & Real World Projects
  • Get Trained from Google Certified Partner
  • 24x7 Support & LMS Access
  • Active Q/A Forum
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Access to E-Content

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  • earn master certificate in internet marketing

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    Qualification Framework)
    aligned program

  • be a master in digital marketing

    Blended model of training delivery – Virtual Master Class with face-to-face training

  • master certificate in internet marketing at newjobs

    E-Learning content
    with 24X7

  • master in digital marketing at newjobs

    Internship embedded
    with Master &
    Advance Program

  • master certificate in internet marketing in delhi

    Live Projects with
    the help of specially
    developed stimulators

  • master in digital marketing in delhi


  • master certificate in internet marketing in delhi ncr

    Get trained from the Master Trainers with extensive experience of industry

  • master in digital marketing in delhi ncr

    Free Tools (Worth INR 80,000) with Master Certification program

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F-TEC was definitely a paradise for students who aspire to achieve par excellence in the field of ‘Marketing’. With an astute attention to detail, backed up by current market trends, Marketing and various techniques have been made interesting by the faculty of F-TEC - Mukesh

The quality of education imparted by the F-TEC faculty is exhaustive and helpful for a career oriented student. The regular learning with live examples approach enabled me to take a step forward, motivated me to work hard and get the latest skills and helped getting placed with an exceptional offer - Ankit

F-TEC is the symbol of Enhancement and Excellence as it gives opportunities to youth and helps them to get a better career. F-TEC bridged the gap between Institution and the corporate world by providing a helping hand - Keerti

I have completed Master certification in Digital Marketing & Brand Management from . Here I get a good environment in which I will be able to groom myself. Our master trainer Mr. Kunal sir teaches us very well. With the help of my teacher, I will be able to explore various modules of digital marketing. Here i got on job live training project which help me to get practical knowledge. I also get an internship. And in the end, i would suggest this is the best place for learning digital marketing.
Thank you - Kanika

I am Shubham Negi. I had completed the Master Certificate course in Digital Marketing& Brand Management from Safdarjung Enclave. I am pursuing graduation from a school of open learning at Delhi University. My experience regarding this course was good because I explore and learned so many new things in this field. I would like to do an internship in this field. It helps me a lot to boom my existing knowledge. I am a very disciplined person. I completed all assigned work on time. In my leisure time, I explore so many new things like social media, tech news, etc. I also like to do chit-chat with my friends. - Shubham Negi

Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to introduce myself to you. I am Dipin Bhardwaj, a native of Delhi. I have completed a Master’s Certification in Digital Marketing and Brand Management course from Safdarjung Enclave. Simultaneously, I am pursuing graduation from Delhi University. My long-term goal is to gain work exposure in Digital Marketing and secure a senior position in the workplace. I am self-motivated and believe in upskilling myself by learning new things. My key strengths are my analytical approach, effective communication and representation skills. If I get a chance, I would like to intern with this company as it may boost my existing knowledge in this field. - Dipin Bhardwaj

I did Master Certification in Digital Marketing from I have been relatively new to digital marketing since I started and what amazes me is the diversity of the course itself and the various career prospects it gave me. has given me the opportunity to shape my career as a content writer. As a student, I have been guided from the course to have an internship and job. - Riya Dey

I did my Master’s Certification in Digital Marketing from I have always wanted to be associated with social media as it was not new to me but I was unfamiliar with the insights and how the platform works.
By joining, I gained the insights and got the opportunity as an Intern and even got a placement. - Yashika Bhagat


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